M20 2.5L Mahle Motorsport Piston Set
M20 2.5L Mahle Motorsport Piston Set
M20 2.5L Mahle Motorsport Piston Set

M20 2.5L Mahle Motorsport Piston Set

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Brand new for December 2023!

We've worked with our friends at Mahle Motorsport to create an amazing new product for the M20 market. Are you looking for a punch in power without stroking your M20B25 engine? This M20B25 Mahle Motorsport piston set will surely make some power - especially when combined with our Super Sport cylinder head and performance camshaft. Thanks to the materials used by Mahle Motorsport to create this piston, you can achieve OE-like reliability without sacrificing longevity as you would with a typical forged piston.

  • 10:1 Compression Ratio
  • 85mm Bore Size
  • 135mm Connecting Rod Length
  • 75mm Stroke
  • Designed For 885 Cylinder Heads
  • Mahle Motorsport M142 Alloy
  • Phosphate Coated
  • Grafal Anti-Friction Piston Skirt Coating
  • High Strength Lightweight German Wrist Pins
  • Race Proven Round Wire Wrist Pin Locks
  • Low Drag Piston Ring Pack
  • Lightweight Slipper Skirt Forgings

Mahle Motorsport's PowerPak piston kits offer superior reliability and performance, letting you take your BMW engine build to the next level. Mahle Motorsport's piston sets include wrist pins, wrist pin clips, and piston rings that are designed for motorsport applications or those looking to enhance the performance of their daily driver. Backed by over 95 years of performance experience and using Mahle manufactured machinery to offer advanced features found nowhere else; make no compromises, trust Mahle Motorsport.