M20 Turner Conforti Performance Chip

M20 Turner Conforti Performance Chip

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Dyno-tuned by BMW tuning legend Jim Conforti, these chips are designed to make the most of high-octane (91+) pump gas and boost mid-range torque and high-RPM horsepower. To make the most of these improvements, the rev limit is raised, and fuel and spark maps are fine-tuned to make your BMW perform better than it did when it left the factory. There is no downside to installing a Turner Performance Chip - each chip is designed to safely improve performance, while maintaining driveability and improving responsiveness. All chips are shipped with detailed instructions and are typically installed in an hour by an enthusiast with hand tools.

Turner Motorsport and Jim Conforti have over 20 years of experience with making your BMW come alive with software tuning. Unlike eBay chips, Turner Performance Chips use extensively tested, carefully designed fuel & spark maps designed to get the most performance out of your BMW without risking engine damage or reducing driveability. Since 1995, Jim Conforti has been using his expertise to fine tune the BMW driving experience by finding more power and toque and improving throttle response. With over 10,000 units sold, it's no surprise that Jim Conforti is widely regarded as the leader in BMW chip tuning. Don't be fooled by imitators - your BMW deserves the best.

BMW's M20 inline six has a well-deserved reputation for being bulletproof and easy to maintain. Jim Conforti leveraged those strengths to find additional power and torque, without risking engine damage. Wake up your M20 and see performance you never thought possible, all while maintaining the legendary reliability they are known for with a Turner Conforti Performance Chip.


This chip is intended for a 2.5L M20 engine with 173 ECU.

Rev Limit: 6,900 RPM

Installation instructions included.